The remuneration for the professional activity of the Notary is related to the economic value of the case and its complexity.
For this reason, in order to allow the notary to suggest the best possible solution (both from an economic and a legal point of view) it is advisable to arrange an interview, FREE AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT, with the Notaries Massimo Cariello and Beatrice Tortorella.

During the interview, the client will have the opportunity to explain to the notary exactly what kind of transaction he intends to conclude, by having the notary view the documents in his possession.
In the absence of a first interview, it will still be possible to draw up a cost estimate, but in an approximate way, since only an examination of the documentation allows the notary to assess the complexity of the assignment.

Finally, it should be noted that further activities to be carried out, not foreseen and the need for which should emerge during the preliminary investigation phase of the practice (for example, the obligation to submit a new plan, mandatory cadastral alignment, transcription of the tacit acceptance of the inheritance) will be charged separately.

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